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Chisel installation error

While following the tutorial on the Chisel official website for installation, I came to the point where I should test if the installation was done correctly. Doing so yields this error:

set -e -o pipefail; "sbt" -Dsbt.log.noformat=true -DchiselVersion="2.+" "run Parity --genHarness --compile --test --backend c --vcd --targetDir /home/me/chisel-tutorial/generated/examples " | tee /home/me/chisel-tutorial/generated/examples/Parity.out
/bin/bash: sbt: command not found
make: *** [/home/me/chisel-tutorial/generated/examples/Parity.out] Error 127

There is another question regarding the same problem here, where the suggestion to add
to the Makefile is made. That did not work for me. Another suggestion is to remove
set -e -o pipefail
: this suggestion actually works but is it OK to remove that option? what does it do?


I have installed sbt and added its path to the PATH variable.

$ which sbt

But still I am getting this error when running
make Parity.out

set -e -o pipefail; "sbt" -Dsbt.log.noformat=true -DchiselVersion="2.+" "run Parity --genHarness --compile --test --backend c --vcd --targetDir /home/me/chisel-tutorial/generated/examples " | tee /home/me/chisel-tutorial/generated/examples/Parity.out
/bin/sh: 1: set: Illegal option -o pipefail
make: *** [/home/me/chisel-tutorial/generated/examples/Parity.out] Error 2

If I edit this part of the file suffix.mk:

$(objdir)/%.dot: %.scala
set -e -o pipefail; "$(SBT)" $(SBT_FLAGS) "run $(notdir $(basename $<)) --backend dot --targetDir $(objdir) $(CHISEL_FLAGS)"

$(objdir)/%.out: %.scala
set -e -o pipefail; "$(SBT)" $(SBT_FLAGS) "run $(notdir $(basename $<)) --genHarness --compile --test --backend c --vcd --targetDir $(objdir) $(CHISEL_FLAGS)" | tee $@

By deleting the -o option in the
set -e -o pipefail
it works, I get the PASSED and [success] message after running
$ make Parity.out
. So what is going on?


It is working fine now after I added the
to the Makefile, so it was first a problem of not having sbt as Nathaniel pointed out then editing the Makefile to include

Answer Source

set -e -o pipefail is a way of making sure that the execution of the bash script both works as expected and that if there is a failure, it halts immediately (rather than at some later stage). Removing it might work - but if there is a failure it might get swallowed and hide the fact it's broken.

But I think your problem lies here, making the other question a bit of a red herring:

/bin/bash: sbt: command not found

Do you have sbt installed on your system? Run which sbt as the user that executes the script. For instance, on my system:

$ which sbt

If you don't have it on your system, nothing will be returned by running which.

The script clearly needs access to sbt and is failing when it doesn't find it. If you do have it on your system, then there is a mismatch between the user running the script and access to that file. You'll need to post more information about how you're executing the script: in that case it is likely you'll have to update your PATH variables to be able to find the sbt executable.

Given that, after fixing this, you still have a problem, you have to ensure that you're running in bash, and not another terminal type. The reason for this is that bash supports set -o pipefail but a lot of other terminals don't. We suspect this might be the case because of the error messages:

/bin/sh: 1: set: Illegal option -o pipefail

Here we see that /bin/sh (the shell) is being invoked by the program. Use ls -l /bin/sh to determine if your /bin/sh is pointing to a particular shell. If it is not pointed to a bash shell, then you either need to repoint it (be careful! this is probably another question in it's own right), or need to specify to your Scala program to use a specific shell.

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