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Angular 2 RC5 and above - How to show an error page when no route matches?

My current Route config looks like this

path: '',
redirectTo: 'register/self',
pathMatch: 'full'
path: 'register/self',
component: SelfRegisterComponent
path: 'register/auto/:Id',

If a user tries to navigate to '/register/auto'. Currently I see a blank page and an error in the console.
How can I show a 404 error or a message saying that this page is not available globally?

Answer Source

See angular2 cheatsheet You can do something like this:

{path: '**', redirectTo: '/404' }

So for example you would have something probably like this:

{path: '/404', component: NotFoundComponent},
{path: '**', redirectTo: '/404' }

Hope that helps

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