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ASP.NET (C#) Question

What is a ProfileService/When is a ProfileService executed?

I've been playing with IdentityServer4. Absolutely love it.

I've been going through the tutorials on your site, specifically

I have created a Profile Service that does the following:

public class ProfileService : IProfileService
public Task GetProfileDataAsync(ProfileDataRequestContext context)
context.IssuedClaims.Add(new Claim("test-claim", "test-value"));
return Task.FromResult(0);

public Task IsActiveAsync(IsActiveContext context)
context.IsActive = true;

return Task.FromResult(0);

This works great, my custom claim is visible in the log window of my JS client.

I put a break point on it just to inspect what is in the context, and I noticed it was getting hit twice. The caller properties were
respectively. Why is this?

In my naivety I removed the
scope from my js client, and in oidc-js config also removed the profile scope, and set
loadUserInfo: false
yet my
it is still called twice.

If my end goal is to set claims based on parameters from a database, I really I don't want to be doing this operaion twice, do I? (Genuine question -- I don't know). A 'solution' would be to only set them on "ClaimsProviderAccessToken" but there is something telling me that there will be a reason ProfileServices get called twice and that there is some importance of it setting the claims on both runs through.

P.s. I think there is a typo here Should this not be "Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.Tools.DotNet" in the
section? and not "Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.Tools" I felt it inappropriate to create a new issue for something so trivial, and not necessarily wrong!

Answer Source

The profile service is called whenever IdentityServer needs to return claims about a user to a client applications.

If you request an identity and access token - it will get called twice (since you might be putting different claims into each token type).

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