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Java Question

Why do I get Only ancestor queries are allowed inside transactions error

boolean r = ofy().transact(new Work<Boolean>() {

public Boolean run() {
Visit visit = ofy().load().type(Visit.class)
.filter(Visit.USER_ID, userID)
.filter(Visit.VENUE_ID, venueID).first().get();

if (visit == null)
return false;

visit.setLastRequestDate(new Date(timestamp));

return true;

and I get

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Only ancestor queries are allowed inside transactions.

for the line with the

why? I'm only querying
entity in this transaction.
I'm doing this in a transaction, because I want all this to be performed as atom operation.

Answer Source

No way to do ancestor-less query inside a transaction. Either you do it without transactions or replace query with get.

The closest that you can do is:

  1. Get entity with ancestor-less query without transaction. Remember key of the entity.
  2. Start transaction.
  3. Get entity via the key.
  4. Check that query condition still applies (= properties still have the same values as in query conditions). This way you can be sure entity was not changed since you did the query.
  5. Change & save entity. Commit transaction.
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