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Javascript Question

Moment.js transform to date object

Using Moment.js I can't transform a correct moment object to a date object with timezones. I can't get the correct date.


var oldDate = new Date(),
momentObj = moment(oldDate).tz("MST7MDT"),
newDate = momentObj.toDate();
console.log("start date " + oldDate)
console.log("Format from moment with offset " + momentObj.format())
console.log("Format from moment without offset " + momentObj.utc().format())
console.log("(Date object) Time with offset " + newDate)
console.log("(Date object) Time without offset "+ moment.utc(newDate).toDate())

Answer Source

Use this to transform a moment object into a date object:




Tue Nov 04 2014 14:04:01 GMT-0600 (CST)
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