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How can I add badges/shields to github repos?

I see sites like or similar and they have these clips of markdown to show badges...but if I cut 'n paste these it's just the demo value. How can I make it "real".

For example bintray has their own "Latest Version Badge" markdown that works fine. I think the "shields" sites are trying to standardize the look 'n feel of these badges and they claim bintray is one of their supported services.

How can I actually use their nice badge and pull my version data from bintray?

Answer Source

A Bintray shield would look somthing like this:


There are two URIs in the shield the first is for the image and the second is for navigation upon clicking the image. Both URIs include asciidoctor/maven/asciidoctorj - a Bintray repository. If you replace both occurrences of asciidoctor/maven/asciidoctorj with your repository, you should have a working shield:



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