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Android SDK Manager - Do you need to install all android platforms?

I just recently downloaded the Android SDK. Downloading all the packages in the SDK Manager will take way too much time. So I'm wondering whether I should deselect all the platforms except the latest one. Or do I need all the platforms?
Thanks in advance.

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Not at all. You just need to install those platforms which you are targeting for your apps and which you intend to test your app with. If I were you, I'd install:

  • API 24 (Multiple app windows, Notification enhancements, Multi-locale support)
  • API 23 (Runtime permissions toggling, Doze mode and BoringSSL)
  • API 21 (Massive changes, including Material Design)
  • API 19 (Many changes to various API methods)
  • API 18 (New features such as BLE, new API methods)
  • API 14 (Big overhaul - addressed several issues in Honeycomb)
  • API 11 (Quantum shift - native Fragments & Action Bar from API 11 onwards)
  • API 10 (Last of the "old" Android platforms - there are still people using this)

You should also install

  • SDK Tools 24.0.2
  • SDK Platform-tools 21
  • SDK Build-tools 21.1.2
  • Google Play Services SDK
  • Google USB Driver


  • Offline documentation for each SDK Platform.
  • Platform source code - useful for a look under the covers.
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