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Laravel calling model after declaring function with colon

I was reading a short tutorial on Laravel here. Since I am not experienced in laravel or development in general I am wondering what this part of the code does exactly:

public function approve(): User

As it is seems to me, it is the same thing as just calling the model from inside the function like so:


What is the difference in this two approches?

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No, they're not the same. The first code is utilizing PHP 7's return type declerations.

It says that the method must return an instance of User class, or PHP will throw a TypeError for you. You can also specify the FQN of the class when defining return type declarations:

public function approve(): \App\User

It's specially useful when defining interfaces:

interface CommentsIterator extends Iterator {
    function current(): Comment; 
    // This enforces that any implementation of current() 
    // method, must return an instance of Comment class.

See what other RFCs made their way into PHP 7:

And treat yourself with Jeffrey's screencasts on PHP 7 new features:

But the second code (App\User::whatever()) is just calling the static method whatever() of the App\User class. It has nothing to do with the first code example which enforces return types.

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