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iOS Question

iOS dismiss UIAlertView beforing showing another

I have a Utils class which shows UIAlertView when certain notifications are triggered. Is there a way to dismiss any open UIAlertViews before showing a new one?

Currenty I am doing this when the app enters the background using


on applicationDidEnterBackground

- (void)checkViews:(NSArray *)subviews {
Class AVClass = [UIAlertView class];
Class ASClass = [UIActionSheet class];
for (UIView * subview in subviews){
if ([subview isKindOfClass:AVClass]){
[(UIAlertView *)subview dismissWithClickedButtonIndex:[(UIAlertView *)subview cancelButtonIndex] animated:NO];
} else if ([subview isKindOfClass:ASClass]){
[(UIActionSheet *)subview dismissWithClickedButtonIndex:[(UIActionSheet *)subview cancelButtonIndex] animated:NO];
} else {
[self checkViews:subview.subviews];

This makes it easy on applicationDidEnterBackground as I can use

Can I use the AppDelegate or anything similar to get all the views, loop through them and dismiss any UIAlertViews?

Answer Source
for (UIWindow* window in [UIApplication sharedApplication].windows) {
  NSArray* subviews = window.subviews;
  if ([subviews count] > 0)
    if ([[subviews objectAtIndex:0] isKindOfClass:[UIAlertView class]])
      [(UIAlertView *)[subviews objectAtIndex:0] dismissWithClickedButtonIndex:[(UIAlertView *)[subviews objectAtIndex:0] cancelButtonIndex] animated:NO];
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