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Java: Cannot trigger Pivot Table calculation on .xlsx generation

Hi guys I need some help with an issue I have .
I’m first going to describe my problem and then, if you need to, you can read the code below and see the implementation details.

Short description:
I generate an Excel workbook containing 2 sheets:

Sheet 1: generic data.

Sheet 2: pivot table over the generic data.

Because some of the Apache provided POI proved buggy I created the Pivot table by accessing the underlying XML structure of the. xlsx document. In this I indicate the Pivot table fields and operations(COUNT in this case).

I am now designing automatic JUnit tests to verify this and this is where I ran into trouble.

When generating the XLSX containing the document , the pivot table only fills with values after I open it in the client.

I want to ask if there is a way to programmatically trigger the Pivot Table before I open this in the client.
Here are 2 sections of the xlsx doc’s underlying xml (pivotTable1.xml):

Before opening in excel client :

<location firstDataCol="1" firstDataRow="1" firstHeaderRow="1" ref="A3:D7"/>
<pivotFields count="8">
<pivotField showAll="false" axis="axisPage">
<items count="8">
<item t="default"/>
<item t="default"/>
<item t="default"/>


After opening in excel client

<pivotFields count="8">
<pivotField axis="axisPage" showAll="0">
<items count="2">
<item x="0"/>
<item t="default"/>


If I try to use the generated excel in a JUnit , before opening it I get a NULL on this:
This does not happen if I open the file first and then run the test.

Do you know of a way to generate the Pivot Table in such a way that the Pivot table is calculated on generation or how to trigger it from my Java application ?

My goal is to compare this generated xlsx against a known ("golden") test xlsx, cell by cell and verify that their contents are identical.

Code samples:
Workbook sheet creation:

private void createSheets(XSSFWorkbook wb) {
generalDataSheet = wb.createSheet(GENERAL_DATA_SHEET_NAME);
pivotTableSheet = wb.createSheet(PIVOT_TABLE_SHEET_NAME);

Pivot table implementation and use details:

// Pivot table constants:
// where the Table starts with the Report Filter field
public static final String PIVOT_TABLE_SOURCE_START = "A1";
// Where the 2nd part of the pivot table starts with the Sum Values field
public static final String PIVOT_TABLE_DATA_START = "A3:B3";
private static final String PIVOT_TABLE_NAME = " Pivot Table";

private static final int INTERFACE_NAME_CELL_POS = 0;
private static final int PROVIDER_NAME_CELL_POS = 4;
private static final int REQUESTER_NAME_CELL_POS = 6;

private void populatePivotTableSheet(List<MyDataSet> list) {
//Set position of the pivot table in sheet
CellReference pivotTableCellPosition = new CellReference(PIVOT_TABLE_SOURCE_START);
//set source area for the pivot table
AreaReference pivotTableSourceArea = getDefaultPivotTableSourceArea(list);
// create pivot table and set attributespivotTable = new PivotTableMyTools(pivotTableSourceArea, PIVOT_TABLE_NAME);
pivotTable.createPivotTable(pivotTableSheet, pivotTableCellPosition);
// set the size of the pivot Table - this is because of a bug in regular API

I get the source area for the PivotTable like:

private AreaReference getDefaultPivotTableSourceArea(Object linkSetList) {

List< MyDataSet > list = (List< MyDataSet >) DataSetList;
// construct the target area of the Pivot table
// start cell is calculated as for ex: "General data!A2"
CellReference c1 = new CellReference(GENERAL_DATA_SHEET_NAME + "!" + PIVOT_TABLE_SOURCE_START);
String colName = CellReference.convertNumToColString(COLUMN_HEADERS.length - 1);
// end cell is calculated as for ex: "General data!H5"
CellReference c2 = new CellReference(GENERAL_DATA_SHEET_NAME + "!" + colName + (list.size() + 1));

return new AreaReference(c1, c2);

I am then using my own Pivot table class to overwrite some of the methods:

public class PivotTableMyTools extends XSSFPivotTable implements IPivotTableMyTools {

private XSSFSheet pivotTableSheet; // Sheet displaying information in pivot
private AreaReference sourceDataArea;
private XSSFPivotTable pivotTable;
private int numberOfDataFields;
private String pivotTableName;

public PivotTableMyTools(AreaReference sourceDataArea, String pivotTableName) {

this.sourceDataArea = sourceDataArea;
numberOfDataFields = 0;
this.pivotTableName = pivotTableName;

public void createPivotTable(XSSFSheet destinationSheet, CellReference pivotTableCellPosition) {

pivotTableSheet = destinationSheet;
pivotTable = pivotTableSheet.createPivotTable(sourceDataArea, pivotTableCellPosition);

// int fieldID is the ID of the field in the list of fields to be added to
// the report (column headers of the source data area)
public void addReportFilterField(int fieldID) {

int lastColIndex = getSourceAreaLastColumnIndex();
// create new pivot field with Column Specifications
try {
// throws index out of bounds
checkColumnIndexOutOfBounds(fieldID, lastColIndex);
// add pivot field to PivotTable, lastColindex also indicates the
// number of columns
addNewPivotField(fieldID, lastColIndex, STAxis.AXIS_PAGE);
// Columns labels colField should be added.

} catch (IndexOutOfBoundsException e) {
Activator.logInfo("Column index is out of bounds");


private void addNewCTPageField(int columnIndex) {

CTPageFields pageFields;
if (pivotTable.getCTPivotTableDefinition().getPageFields() != null) {
pageFields = pivotTable.getCTPivotTableDefinition().getPageFields();
} else {
pageFields = pivotTable.getCTPivotTableDefinition().addNewPageFields();
// Set the fld and hier attributes
CTPageField pageField = pageFields.addNewPageField();
// set the count attribute


public void addRowLabelsField(int columnIndex) {


public void addColumnLabelsField(int columnIndex) {

int lastColIndex = getSourceAreaLastColumnIndex();
// create new pivot field with Column Specifications
try {
// throws index out of bounds
checkColumnIndexOutOfBounds(columnIndex, lastColIndex);
// add pivot field to PivotTable, lastColindex also indicates the
// number of columns
addNewPivotField(columnIndex, lastColIndex, STAxis.AXIS_COL);
// Columns labels colField should be added.

} catch (IndexOutOfBoundsException e) {
Activator.logInfo("Column index is out of bounds");

public void addSumValuesField(DataConsolidateFunction function, int fieldID) {

// pivotTable.addColumnLabel(DataConsolidateFunction.COUNT,
// PROVIDER_NAME_CELL_POS, "Provider count");
try {
CTPivotField pivotField = getPivotField(fieldID);
} catch (IndexOutOfBoundsException e) {
Activator.logInfo("The selected column is out of current range");

addNewCTDataField(fieldID, "Count of Provider");


private void addNewCTDataField(int fieldID, String fieldName) {

CTDataFields dataFields = pivotTable.getCTPivotTableDefinition().addNewDataFields();
CTDataField dataField = dataFields.addNewDataField();

private CTPivotField getPivotField(int fieldID) throws IndexOutOfBoundsException {

CTPivotFields pivotFields = pivotTable.getCTPivotTableDefinition().getPivotFields();
if (null == pivotFields)
throw new IndexOutOfBoundsException();
return pivotFields.getPivotFieldArray(4);

public AreaReference getPivotTableSourceArea() {

return sourceDataArea;

public int getSourceAreaLastColumnIndex() {

return (sourceDataArea.getLastCell().getCol() - sourceDataArea.getFirstCell().getCol());

public void setRefField(String pivotTableFieldArea) {

CTLocation location = pivotTable.getCTPivotTableDefinition().getLocation();

/***************** private methods ***********************************/

private void addNewCTColField(int columnIndex) {

CTColFields colFields;
if (pivotTable.getCTPivotTableDefinition().getColFields() != null) {
colFields = pivotTable.getCTPivotTableDefinition().getColFields();
} else {
colFields = pivotTable.getCTPivotTableDefinition().addNewColFields();

private void addNewPivotField(int columnIndex, int numberOfItems, Enum axisValue) {

IPivotFieldARTools pivotField = new PivotFieldARTools();
pivotField.addToPivotTable(columnIndex, pivotTable);

private void checkColumnIndexOutOfBounds(int columnIndex, int lastColIndex) throws IndexOutOfBoundsException {

if (columnIndex > lastColIndex && columnIndex < 0) {
throw new IndexOutOfBoundsException();

Answer Source

To workaround this issue I will be creating a VBScript application that I can ship together with my plugin and that can be triggered from the plugin.

. The actions this application will perform are : open a excel file received as parameter in the Excel client then save the file and close the client.

. This should trigger the Pivot table generation steps that Excel does and allow me to automatically generate the complete Excel with the Pivot table.


. I have to reach outside Java libraries to perform this.

. I must perform the extra steps of: opening/saving and closing the excel client. The code for my wscript workaround looks like this:

excelOpenSave.vbs :

on error resume next

Dim filename
filename = WScript.Arguments(0)

'WScript.Echo filename

Set objExcel = CreateObject("Excel.Application")
objExcel.DisplayAlerts = False
Set objWorkbook = objExcel.Workbooks.Open(filename)
objExcel.Visible = true

objExcel.ActiveWorkbook.Close SaveChanges=True
'WScript.Echo "Finished."

'always deallocate after use...
Set objWorkbook = Nothing
Set objExcel = Nothing

My Java code is:

public static void triggerOpenSaveCloseScript(String file) {

    String projPath = System.getProperty("user.dir");
    String script = projPath + "\\Script\\excelOpenSave.vbs";
    String command = "CScript " + script + "  " + file;
    int exitValue = 0;
    try {
        Runtime rt = Runtime.getRuntime();
        Process pr = rt.exec(command);
        exitValue = pr.waitFor(); //wait until script finishes
    } catch (IOException e) {
    } catch (InterruptedException e) {
        System.out.println("CScript exited with error: " + exitValue);
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