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Nativescript Vertical Screen Slide / ViewPager

What is the easiest way to implement a screen slide in Nativescript like shown in Android Viewpager , but in a vertical direction ? Another example of this functionality would be the rss reader

where you can change rss feeds by swiping up/down.

The page should allow vertical scrolling to the top/bottom and then transition after a certain treshold.

I already encountered nativescript-slides, which can only do horizontally sliding.

So is there a "nativescript" way or do i have to implement it as native android/ios feature (for example by this) ? In either case a sample on how to integrate it in nativescript would be great.


Recorded an example:

enter image description here

taken from this Repo with Android native code. The outstanding PR made changes to offer vertical scrolling in the list. But the repo seems to be outdated and a bit buggy.

Answer Source

I can provide more info later but there's a new plugin implementing the native controls for android and iOS for slides/carousel her https://github.com/alexrainman/nativescript-carousel-view and vertical swiping is on his radar, I think he might even be close to completing that.

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