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Rails 5 rename single resource route name

I am trying to create a separate :show route, to use route globbing on the

parameter. For this, I created a resource route without the show route and also a separate show route:

resource :test, except: [:show]
get 'test/*id', to: 'test#show', as: :test

the problem is that I receive the error:
You may have defined two routes with the same name using the
option, or you may be overriding a route already defined by a resource with the same naming.

If I remove
as: :test
it works.
rails routes

tests POST /tests(.:format)
new_test GET /tests/new(.:format)
edit_test GET /tests/:id/edit(.:format)
test PATCH /tests/:id(.:format) <-- WHY??
DELETE /tests/:id(.:format)
GET /tests/*id(.:format)

as you can see,
renamed the
route to
. If I remove that route, the
route is named
, and so on. How can I stop
from using the
route name specifically? I cannot move my globbing route above the
block obviously because then all other routes are globbed too.

What I want:

tests POST /tests(.:format)
new_test GET /tests/new(.:format)
edit_test GET /tests/:id/edit(.:format)
PATCH /tests/:id(.:format)
DELETE /tests/:id(.:format)
test GET /tests/*id(.:format)

Answer Source

I don't understand your problem, but if you look on Rails Guides "Singular Resources" you can see:

Path      Controller      #Action           Used for
GET       /geocoder/new   geocoders#new     return an HTML form for creating the geocoder
POST      /geocoder       geocoders#create  create the new geocoder
GET       /geocoder       geocoders#show    display the one and only geocoder resource
GET       /geocoder/edit  geocoders#edit    return an HTML form for editing the geocoder
PATCH/PUT /geocoder       geocoders#update  update the one and only geocoder resource
DELETE    /geocoder       geocoders#destroy delete the geocoder resource

show, create, update and destroy use the same route but with different HTTP verbs. And in your case, test wrote with PATCH verb, because this verb earlier in the table, empty name means that it uses the same name as upper line.

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