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Java Question

How do you implement position-sensitive zooming inside a JScrollPane?

I am trying to implement position-sensitive zooming inside a

. The
contains a component with a customized
that will draw itself inside whatever space it is allocated - so zooming is as easy as using a
that resizes the inner component as required.

But I also want zooming into (or out of) a point to keep that point as central as possible within the resulting zoomed-in (or -out) view (this is what I refer to as 'position-sensitive' zooming), similar to how zooming works in google maps. I am sure this has been done many times before - does anybody know the "right" way to do it under Java Swing?. Would it be better to play with
's transformations instead of using

Sample code follows:

package test;

import java.awt.*;
import java.awt.event.*;
import java.awt.geom.*;
import javax.swing.*;

public class FPanel extends javax.swing.JPanel {

private Dimension preferredSize = new Dimension(400, 400);
private Rectangle2D[] rects = new Rectangle2D[50];

public static void main(String[] args) {
JFrame jf = new JFrame("test");
jf.setSize(400, 400);
jf.add(new JScrollPane(new FPanel()));

public FPanel() {
// generate rectangles with pseudo-random coords
for (int i=0; i<rects.length; i++) {
rects[i] = new Rectangle2D.Double(
Math.random()*.8, Math.random()*.8,
Math.random()*.2, Math.random()*.2);
// mouse listener to detect scrollwheel events
addMouseWheelListener(new MouseWheelListener() {
public void mouseWheelMoved(MouseWheelEvent e) {
updatePreferredSize(e.getWheelRotation(), e.getPoint());

private void updatePreferredSize(int n, Point p) {
double d = (double) n * 1.08;
d = (n > 0) ? 1 / d : -d;
int w = (int) (getWidth() * d);
int h = (int) (getHeight() * d);
preferredSize.setSize(w, h);
// Question: how do I keep 'p' centered in the resulting view?

public Dimension getPreferredSize() {
return preferredSize;

private Rectangle2D r = new Rectangle2D.Float();
public void paint(Graphics g) {
int w = getWidth();
int h = getHeight();
for (Rectangle2D rect : rects) {
r.setRect(rect.getX() * w, rect.getY() * h,
rect.getWidth() * w, rect.getHeight() * h);

Answer Source

Tested this, seems to work...

private void updatePreferredSize(int n, Point p) {
    double d = (double) n * 1.08;
    d = (n > 0) ? 1 / d : -d;

    int w = (int) (getWidth() * d);
    int h = (int) (getHeight() * d);
    preferredSize.setSize(w, h);

    int offX = (int)(p.x * d) - p.x;
    int offY = (int)(p.y * d) - p.y;



Here is an explanation: the point p is the location of the mouse relative to the FPanel. Since you are scaling the size of the panel, the location of p (relative to the size of the panel) will scale by the same factor. By subtracting the current location from the scaled location, you get how much the point 'shifts' when the panel is resized. Then it is simply a matter of shifting the panel location in the scroll pane by the same amount in the opposite direction to put p back under the mouse cursor.

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