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Using clipboardData in TypeScript

I'm trying to access data from the clipboard in TS1.6 using the following:

$(container).bind("paste", (e) => {
var data = e.originalEvent.clipboardData.getData('text');

But it just gives me the following build error:

Property 'clipboardData' does not exist on type 'JQueryEventObject'

If I remove the 2nd line and debug it in Chrome 46, I can get at the clipboard data just by calling


I can't see clipboardData in the JQueryEventObject interface in the latest version of jQuery.d.ts but the question is - should it be there or is there a different way of retrieving data from the clipboard that TS currently supports?

Answer Source

It seems until TS1.8, one (hacky) option I have found is to just extend Event with this:

interface Event {
    clipboardData: any;

I'm sure I could improve this by replacing any with something better, but it works for now.

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