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android-support-v4.jar isn't importing correctly in Eclipse

I'm trying to get an app to compile that uses the

and the
classes it contains, but I keep getting messages whenever I try to compile that there are errors in the code. All of the errors have to do with different
classes that are in the
. I have tried
the project folder and then selecting
Android Tools -> Add Compatibility Library
and I keep getting this error:

[2011-12-20 11:55:31 - Android Compatibility JAR not found:]

Why would it be looking for the
in Eclipse's Package Contents? I've gone into the project properties and went to the Java Build Path, and imported the
from the
folder, that didn't work, and then I tried to import it from my SDK directory, and that didn't work. I've fixed the project properties and cleaned and built it countless times, I've restarted Eclipse, my computer, re-downloaded and installed Eclipse, the Android SDK's and ADT and still nothing. I am completely stumped.


I've gone through the build path and imported the .JAR from both the
and my SDK directory. For the hell of it I added the .JAR in the directory that keeps appearing in the errors and that hasn't worked. What's making Eclipse look for it in it's Application Package Contents?


So after tinkering the project contents aren't showing any errors but the MainActivity folder still says that there is one and I still can't compile.

Like nyah:

enter image description here


So I think the question may be "Why is Eclipse looking for the .JAR in the Eclipse Application's package contents instead of the
directory of the project or the Android SDK directory that I used to import it as an external .JAR?"

Update #2

I am only getting one error now after tinkering, it's on this method:

public MenuItem setOnActionExpandListener(OnActionExpandListener onActionExpandListener) {
// Noop
return this;

The Quick Fix says that I should delete the @Override annotation but that method must override a super class method.

These are the errors that it shows:

Multiple markers at this line
- The method setOnActionExpandListener(MenuItem.OnActionExpandListener) of type SimpleMenuItem must override a superclass method
- implements android.view.MenuItem.setOnActionExpandListener

Answer Source

It turns out that my Debug Certificate had expired so I just needed to delete ~/.android/debug.keystore and restart Eclipse and everything worked.

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