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MySQL Question

Bulk Password Hashing PHP-LOGIN PROJECT code

I have the following question / requirement.

My website has 2000 users, however the passwords are stored using Plain text (I know this is super bad). From reading various website blogs, i found that i need to use modern password-hashing and salting. I found php-login.net . They use modern salting / hashing.

I have downloaded the minimal login script which i will implement in my website. I have set up xampp to test locally. When i register a user is hashes the passwords and i can login.

My main requirement is that i want to hash all my current plain text passwords. php login using php password compatibility library.


How can i hash all the plain passwords in database, because i am not going to hash 2000 1 by 1.

I assume i can write a script that will update all records in database using the password library.

Answer Source
// you should put your db connection stuff here

//you create a new column to store hashed passwords. Good idea if
//something goes bad. You should drop the column with the original
// passwords once every thing is ok and done.
$result = mysqli_query(
    'alter table users add column hashed_password varchar(255) not null'

if ($result===FALSE)
// handle error here

$result = mysqli_query($conn, 'select * from users');
if ($result===FALSE)
// handle error here
    while($user = mysqli_fetch_assoc($result)
        // you could use PASSWORD_DEFAULT here but I wouldn't. If in a
        // future migration the default password crypt function changes
        // your system won't work and it will be hard to know why.
        $hashedPassword = password_hash($user['password'], PASSWORD_BCRYPT);
        $result2 = mysqli_query($conn,'update users set hashed_password = \''. mysqli_real_escape_string($hashedPassword) .'\' where id=\''. $user['id'] .'\'');
        if ($result2 === FALSE)
        //handle error here

then you simply check the password in hashed_password column and not the original. If everything goes ok and you can login with no issues you can delete the original passwords column and you are done.

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