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Calling Java from Python

What is the best way to call java from python?
(jython and RPC are not an option for me).

I've heard of JCC: http://pypi.python.org/pypi/JCC/1.9
a C++ code generator for calling Java from C++/Python
But this requires compiling every possible call; I would prefer another solution.

I've hear about JPype: http://jpype.sourceforge.net/
tutorial: http://www.slideshare.net/onyame/mixing-python-and-java

import jpype
jpype.startJVM(path to jvm.dll, "-ea")
javaPackage = jpype.JPackage("JavaPackageName")
javaClass = javaPackage.JavaClassName
javaObject = javaClass()

This looks like what I need.
However, the last release is from Jan 2009 and I see people failing to compile JPype.

Is JPype a dead project?

Are there any other alternatives?


Answer Source

Here is my summary of this problem: 5 Ways of Calling Java from Python

http://memect.co/call-java-from-python-so - link appears to now point to malware

Short answer: Jpype works pretty well and is proven in many projects (such as python-boilerpipe), but Pyjnius is faster and simpler than JPype

I have tried Pyjnius/Jnius, JCC, javabridge, Jpype and Py4j.

Py4j is a bit hard to use, as you need to start a gateway, adding another layer of fragility.

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