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SQL Question

Highest Performance Database Storage Mechanism

I need ideas to implement a (really) high performance in-memory Database/Storage Mechanism. In the range of storing 20,000+ objects, with each object updated every 5 or so seconds. I would like a FOSS solution.

What is my best option? What are your experiences?

I am working primarily in Java, but I need the datastore to have good performance so the datastore solution need not be java centric.

I also need like to be able to Query these objects and I need to be able to restore all of the objects on program startup.

Answer Source

SQLite is an open-source self-contained database that supports in-memory databases (just connect to :memory:). It has bindings for many popular programming languages. It's a traditional SQL-based relational database, but you don't run a separate server – just use it as a library in your program. It's pretty quick. Whether it's quick enough, I don't know, but it may be worth an experiment.

Java driver.

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