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Connection between Node.js, TypeScript, JavaScript and Angular

I apologize if this question was asked before - until now I have not found a sufficient answer.

My Question
What is the connection between Node.js and TypeScript? Or TypeScript and Angular?

I understand that TypeScript is a language that extends the functionality of Javascript, but what does Node.js do? Is it something like TypeScript? If so, then both can not be used simultanously, can they?

And what does Angular do? I know that you can build native web application for any platform with Angular but what is Angulars part?

My current abilities:
I know Java and have currently learned HTML, CSS and JavaScript in order to build a single-page application that can run on most systems.

Answer Source

Typescript is an extension of javascript. It helps you type better understanding code which "compiles" into functioning javascript code for it to run. It can be used in every project that also can be written in javascript. Typescript is javascript. nodeJS is a javascript interpreter. Angular is a javascript front-end framework. Three completely different things. Angular can be used for the front-end and nodeJS for the backend while you can write a typescript application to be run by nodeJS.

I realized after writing the answer that this is still not clear enough. Javascript is not a compiled language. It could only run by the browsers until 2009 that nodeJS was created. NodeJS is a c++ application that reads and EXECUTES javascript.

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