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Twig Question

How to send a mail from twig template?

I just wanted to know if there is a way to send a mail from twig.
I have my templeate, there is 2 text boxes, one for the destination, and other one for the message. can anyone help me with it?

Or if there is a way that using JS, PHP or something like that with twig to do that?

Any kind help is welcome haha thanks

Answer Source

If you are using Bolt (assumption based on the tag), then my suggestion would be to install the BoltForms (bolt/boltforms) extension.

Out of the box, it has a "default" example contact form (that you can safely remove from it's configuration, or modify to your needs) that you can ad to a template with:

{{ boltforms('contact') }}

The contact string tells BoltForms which named form from your configuration you want to use.

Also note, that Bolt uses Swiftmailer to handle emails, and it makes a best guess to configure itself by default, but you really should set the mailoptions parameters in your main Bolt configuration file

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