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Javascript Question

Pass geolocation JavaScript values to a Bean

I have to pass geolocation values got by using html5 geolocation to my managed bean ItemMb, here is my code to clarify things and i don't really know how to achieve this.

My managed bean

public class ItemMb {

private Item item = new Item();

// get/set

My dto Item

public class Item {

// private Double idCollect;
// login et password
private Double lat;
private Double lon;
private Double accuracy;
private String photo;
private String remark;

public Item(){
// getters and setters

Here is my .js file where i got geolocations values and innertext them in some primefaces tags

window.watchID = navigator.geolocation.watchPosition(function(position){

document.getElementById("xCurrentPosition").innerHTML = (Math.round(position.coords.latitude*100) / 100);
document.getElementById("yCurrentPosition").innerHTML = (Math.round(position.coords.longitude*100) / 100);
document.getElementById("accuracyCurrentPosition").innerHTML = position.coords.accuracy;


Now i want to pass those JavaScript generated geolocation values to my managed bean ItemMb. If you need more informations feel free to ask.

Answer Source

I've finally found the answer, i will let it there in case if someone has the same problem. You have to follow these steps:

1) Define a primefaces remoteCommand

<p:remoteCommand name="myRemoteCommand" process="@this" autoRun="false" actionListener="#{myMb.myListener}"/>

2) Call the command in your JavaScript code

myRemoteCommand ([{name:'paramName1',   value: 'paramValue1'}, {name:'paramName2',     value: 'paramValue2'}, …]);

3) In the backing bean use this method

void myListener(){
                String param1 = (String) FacesContext.getInstance().getExternalContext().getRequestParameterMap().get("paramName1");
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