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Making an if(x==y) statement in Brainfuck

So I'm working on a program that reads in a file and then outputs it back out again but i'm having trouble getting the program to stop taking input at the end of the file. I want it to stop at a specific character like '0' or '$' or anything really since a one character NULL can't be read into my brainf interpreter. Here is the code so far:


The problem starts at
since the input can never be NULL this loop never ends.

So how can I insert an if statement that will terminate this loop if it ever reaches a pre-specified end character?

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The following code is equivalent to your code, except it will stop when the value of the input is 1 (non-printable in ASCII). The < between the loops is reuired because the last value is 0.


It decrements the value after input, checks if it is 0, and loops back if it isn't. If it looped back, it must increment the pointer again to undo the decrement. A sample array might be:

00  02  H  e  l  l  o  _  W  o  r  l  d  00

However, the [<.] prints the reverse of the string (followed by a non-printable 1). The string itself can be printed by moving the pointer to the beginning and moving forward from there, as shown in this code:


In this code, the [<] stops when it reaches index 0, the >> moves to index 2 (string start), and the [.>] outputs characters until it reaches the 0 at the end.

If you want to use a different ASCII character, such as space (32), repeat the + and - within the first loop that many times. (Warning: this code will result in values below 0 if there are any characters less than 32 in your input).