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iOS Question

Xcode 8 with older Base SDK

I'm running into compatibility issues for some external frameworks I'm using in my project. Is there a way to change the Base SDK on Xcode 8? Currently in the project settings only show me the Latest SDK.

I've tried copying the older SDK from another version of Xcode to here but it didn't work:


Answer Source

Starting with Xcode 7.3, in addition to copying in the SDK, you must also edit a certain Info.plist file, as described here for macOS in the post by agx. It looks like there is a similar file for iOS, at

Try changing the value of MinimumSDKVersion in there from 10.0 to whatever SDK version you want.

I've not tried this with iOS, but, using this workaround, I was just able to build a macOS target with macOS 10.6 using Xcode 8.0 (8A218a) (the "GM").

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