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Ruby Question

TypeError no implicit conversion of PicUploader into String

I'm using

to generate excel sheets that contain the info that is in my User entity. the problem arises when i try to put an image in the excel sheet. I'm using
carrierwave 0.11.2
and I've made sure that I have set it up correctly, I have the string column
that holds the image, I have the uploader
and it's mounted to User. the carrierwave implementation works fine, and the picture shows in the user's "show" page but when i try to follow the axlsx example to put the image in the sheet as such

img = File.expand_path(@user.profile_pic, __FILE__)
sheet.add_image(:image_src => img, :noSelect => true, :noMove => true) do |image|

I get the TypeError
no implicit conversion of PicUploader into String

Any idea what might be causing this ?

Answer Source

It is saying that expand_path expects a string, not a PicUploader class as parameter. Try

img = File.expand_path(@user.profile_pic.current_path, __FILE__)
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