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Appium can not test iOS Application "The URL '/' did not map to a valid resource"

Hi I am trying to test iOS application using Appium. I am getting following message in browser when I try to open this link

"The URL '/' did not map to a valid resource"

Further information:
Appium Version 1.5.3

Answer Source

Appium acts like a server which hosts your iOS Application. You can write your tests in java or java script for writing tests I used intern Runner and configuration of intern.js is below

tunnel: 'NullTunnel',
tunnelOptions: {
    hostname: 'localhost',
    port: 4444

'capabilities': {
    'selenium-version': '2.48.0',
    'idle-timeout': 60,
    'chromeOptions': {'args':['allow-ra-in-dev-mode']}

'environments': [
    {browserName: 'chrome'},


Then you can write your own iOS test in iOSTest.js

'use strict';

function(registerSuite,assert,_) {

//set server configurations
    'name': 'iOS CoApp Testing',

    'setup': function() {

    'teardown': function() {
        // executes after suite ends;
        // can also be called `after` instead of `teardown`

    'beforeEach': function(test) {


    'afterEach': function(test) {
        // executes after each test

    'simple test': function() {

     // it finds text field and insert 124 in it               

    //it finds Button and clicks it              

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