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Javascript Question

How to use for/in loop to transfer object properties?

I have an object that's nested like the example below.

var posts = {
"post1": {
"slug": "slug1",
"title": "title1",
"post2": {
"slug": "slug2",
"title": "title2",

I'm trying to write a for/in loop that will allow me to iterate through this object.

var testLoop = function () {
for (var prop in posts){
post = prop;
console.log(post); // Outputs post1 and post2
console.log(post.slug); // Outputs undefined

As seen above, I can't store and later access the properties of each iterated object. Only the name of the object is stored and logged. When I run typeof, I see that it's not even an object, it's just a string.

How can I correctly store each iterated properties as objects (post1, post2 etc.) during the loop so I can access their properties using dot notation?

Answer Source

When you use

for (var prop in posts){ ... }

It loops over the string keys in the posts object.

The main point here is that prop will be a string, and not an object like your current code is expecting.

As users in the comments suggested, because prop is the object key as a string, you need to use posts[prop] to refer to the actual object.

Here is some updated code.

var testLoop = function () {
    for (var prop in posts){
        post = posts[prop]; // ** this is line that needs to be modified **
        console.log(post); // Outputs post object 
        console.log(post.slug); // this should work now
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