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C# Question

typeof cannot resolve symbol

In the following class I get a compile error on


Why can't the compiler resolve the type?

public class TestTypeOf
public struct Teststruct
public int d1;
public int d2;
Teststruct cds;

public Teststruct ToString (IntPtr lParam)
var t = typeof(cds); // cannot resolve symbol 'cds'
cds.d1 = 1;
cds.d2 = 2;
return cds;

public TestTypeOf ()
cds = new Teststruct();


Answer Source

The typeof operator works with types directly at compile time. For instance typeof(DateTime). If you want the type of an object, use the GetType() method. It derives from Object, so it will be available on any object.

var hello = "Hello, world!";
var type = hello.GetType();
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