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Live Stock and currency Data API

I've spent around 1-2 hours looking for this but I can't seem to find anything recent on it.

I'm looking to build a program that will display live stocks and currency rates and provide changes throughout the day, the main issue is I cannot find any recent free API's for it. Most that I've come across such as Google finance are no longer supported, out of date, or not in the correct language

Could anyone suggest a good API (preferably in Swift or Objective-C) from a fairly reputable company that would allow me to access this data?

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I am also making stock app right now and I also had the same problem. My app is just for learning, so I am using Google Finance API but it was "turned off" by google. So if you are making non production app you could use this link. It will return everything in JSON.


Keep in mind that this is forbidden to use in commercial apps by google. Also this json file is broken, so you need to remove first two "//" to make json valid.

But other good solution is to use Yahoo Finance YQL.


My reputation does not allow me to post more then 2 links in one answer, but if you google for yahoo yql, you will get what you need! Hope it help!

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