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Javascript Question

Dynamically adding fields to form using javascript

I'm trying to write a form where the user can add additional fields themselves. They will be able to add up to 5 new "options". within each option section I'd like them to be able to add up to 50 "variants".

An example of an option would be "size", with the variants being "small, medium, large". they can then add a second option for "colour", with the variants "red, blue, yellow"

it looks like this:
form example

here's the form script

<form method="POST" action="./form.php">
<div id="static input">
<p>Store Name: <input name="store" id="store" required></input></p>

<div id="optionInput">
<p>Option Name: <input name="option" id="option" required></input></p>
<div><div class="col">Variant Name</div><div class="col">Price Modifier</div><div>Swatch Url</div></div>
<div id="variantInput">
<input type="text" name="myInputs[]"><input type="number" step="any" name="mods[]"><input type="text" step="any" name="urls[]">
<input type="button" value="+" onClick="addInput('variantInput');">
<p><input type="button" value="new option" onClick="addOption('optionInput');"></p>

<br><p><input type="submit"></input></p>

So Clicking the + button should add a new set of varibles, clicking the add option button should create a new option

here's the JavaScript to add new options and add new variables within an option.

var counter = 1;
var counter2 = 1;
var limit = 50;
var limit2 = 5;

function addInput(divName) {
if (counter === limit) {
alert("You have reached the limit of adding " + counter + " inputs");
} else {
var newdiv = document.createElement("div");
newdiv.innerHTML = "<input type='text' name='myInputs[]'><input type='number' step='any' name='mods[]'><input type='text' step='any' name='urls[]'>";

function addOption(divName) {
if (counter2 === limit2) {
alert("You have reached the limit of adding " + counter2 + " options");
} else {
var newdiv = document.createElement("div");
newdiv.innerHTML = "<p>Option Name: <input name='option"+counter2+"' id='option"+counter2+"' required></input></p><div><div class='col'>Variant Name</div><div class='col'>Price Modifier</div><div>Swatch Url</div></div><div id='variantInput"+counter2+"'><input type='text' name='myInputs"+counter2+"[]'><input type='number' step='any' name='mods"+counter2+"[]'><input type='text' step='any' name='urls"+counter2+"[]'></div><input type='button' value='+' onClick='addInput('variantInput"+counter2+"');'><hr>";

At the moment the addOption apears to work, it adds new sets of options up to a maximum of 5. clicking the + button on under the first option (the one written into the form) works adding new variants.

the plus button under the dynamically added options does not work. console shows error "Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token }"

Could someone please point out where i'm going wrong?

Answer Source

You are using triple nested quotations in your addOption function. You have to escape one of those, like this:

newdiv.innerHTML = "[...] onClick='addInput(\"variantInput" + counter2 + "\");'><hr>";

Little further explanation: you start opening the HTML string with double quotation marks ", then you use single quotation marks ' for the HTML attributes. Then you want to call a javascript function, which needs a string to be passed INSIDE of an attribute, which already uses '. Now you have to escape the last quotation marks of that string with a backlash \ to not break the nesting.

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