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Inheritance in Java - Extend only some methods from parent class

I have a question on Inheritance in Java. Is it possible to inherit only some of methods from base class that a Sub Class extends?

For example, I have class A which has 10 methods, class B extends A but I need to inherit only 5(1,2,3,4,5) methods of A, and Class C which also Extended from A. I need to inherit 3 methods, say (8,9,10), can any one please help me to solve this issue?

If this is possible, please clarify with Code.

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If you are talking about extends I'm assuming you're not talking about an interface? If so, you can just override the functions.

EDIT: more info as requested. If you extend a class, say:

public class Dog extends Animal {}

You can just override the methods in Animal. Say Animal has a method called walk:

public void walk() { x += 1; }

You can override this in the class Dog with:

public void walk() { x += 2; }

When you now call new Dog().walk() it will call the walk method from the Dog class, not from the Animal class.

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