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jQuery Question

How to use jquery from parent inside an iframe?

I have a file, let us call it parent-win.html, served by domain example.com. This file has jquery included in it. An iframe, lets call it iframe-win.html, is embedded in this page. iframe-win.html has a form element with id

and value
Hello World!
. Now I do following inside iframe.

var jQuery = parent.jQuery;

According to my limited knowledge of JS I should see
Hello World!
on console but instead I see undefined. Now, my question is do I need to load jquery again in an iframe or can I utilise jquery object already loaded in parent window?

Do note that this is not as usual access iframe/parent content from parent/iframe.

Answer Source

try this in the iframe:

if (typeof(jQuery) == "undefined") {
    var iframeBody = document.getElementsByTagName("body")[0];
    var jQuery = function (selector) { return parent.jQuery(selector, iframeBody); };
    var $ = jQuery;
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