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Ruby Question

Error executing rhc setup - An unexpected error occurred: invalid character at "<!doctype "

After Executing

> rhc setup
and then entering my hostname i always get this error message

enter image description here

Steps that i've done:

1- installed Ruby 1.9.3

2- installed rhc using gem
gem install rhc

3- Executed
> rhc setup

Answer Source

It seems that this is some kind of bug.

But, there is another way to manually generate SSH public-private key pairs and upload them to OpenShift

1- Generate new SSH keys

C:\> ssh-keygen

It will ask you where to save the key files just press "Enter" -> this will generate key-pairs with name "id_rsa" in "C:\Users\YOU\.ssh" also Press Enter when asked for passphrase to keep it empty

2- Upload you Public Key to OpenShift

C:/>rhc sshkey add id_rsa C:\Users\YOU\.ssh\

It will then ask you for your credentials on OpenShift, once done your public key is now uploaded to OpenShift

3- Configuring SSH to use the Generated private key when connecting to your APP

a- Make sure you have an environment variable "HOME" pointing to "C:/Users/YOU/.ssh", if not create one

b- open "C:/Users/YOU/.ssh/" if you find config file open it , if not create one by running the following command:

touch config

Now add the following lines to config file:

Host ChooseAName
 IdentityFile ~\.ssh\

save and close

4- Now Connecting to your App:

First, Get the command that enables you to connect remotely to your app on rhcloud server , you can get it using the OpenShift web console

enter image description here

enter that to you command line and you will be connected trough a secure shell to you APP on rhcloud

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