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MySQL Question

PHP / MySQL count (*) and using var in html

I'm trying to count all rows of a dataset and would like to print the number later as part of a small statistic.

But I'm not sure, where my error might be. The html returns (echo) works well if I only display a text, but it won't show the amount of rows.



$user = check_user();


$statement = $pdo->prepare("SELECT count(*) FROM gamesnw");
$nw = $statement->fetch();



<div class="col-md-6">
<h1><?php echo htmlentities($nw); ?><h1>
<p>Anzahl in der Datenbank erfasste Nachwuchsspiele.</p>

any ideas?

Answer Source

You did not execute your prepared statement. What you have to do is add this after your prepared statement: $statement->execute(). Hope I helped :)

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