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How to disable paste protection in Mozilla Firefox Developer Console?

I have noticed that in recent versions of Mozilla Firefox there is a super, super annoying bug that disables pastes into the developer console. This has to be the single worst idea ever.

However, I have tried to allow it by typing in the text that it wants me to but I can still not paste in stuff and I think I'm soon going to be so annoyed that I have to switch browser since I use the developer console every day. I really like Mozilla and Firefox and do not want to switch for such a silly thing.

So how to turn off this crappy "feature" for good? I really hope there is a setting but I can't find one. If not I guess I'll have to open a bug ticket for it.

My firefox version is: 32.0.3

If any Firefox developer sees this, please stop implementing features that makes developers go mad. No non-developer is in that developer console anyway and if they get tricked into pasting something there it is not your fault.

Answer Source

Since you are automating things, you can get rid of this feature by setting the setting devtools.selfxss.count to a high number like 100.

This settings can be changed on page about:config.

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