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Java Question

Java Regex match zero times or once

I was playing around with Regex in Java and I wanted to match a String which has 0 or 1 occurrence of a dot

. So I want any Strings with a single dot or no dot to return true, and a String with 2 or more dots to return false.

According to the Java Docs:

X? X, once or not at all

So I have the following:

String str = "abc.def";

I was expecting
to match for
0 or 1 time, but it prints

My Question: Did I miss interpreted the meaning of
? What can I do to make it match 0 or 1 time only?

Answer Source

The correct pattern is:


First any number of characters which are not a dot, then optionally one dot followed by any number of characters which are not a dot.

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