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Ribbon Customization form in Devexpress

I am developing a ribbon form using Devespress and I need to let the end user to be able to customize the ribbon items so the I used the following code

RibbonControl1.AllowCustomization = True

However, when the customization form is fired, the logo of Devexpress is still there, knowing that I have changed the application icon to the End user icon.

RibbonControl1.ApplicationIcon = CType(resources.GetObject("RibbonControl1.ApplicationIcon"), System.Drawing.Bitmap)

Is there a way to change that?

  1. The Ribbon Customization form is a runtime form and I have no access to it.

  2. I already changed the form icon to the icon I need:

VB settings

  1. When I run the application, here is the result:

Ribbon Customization form.

  1. The ribbon control form:

Ribbon control form

Answer Source

I found an answer based on devexpress official support email.


this property will change the ribbon customization form icon.

Ex: I have added the following code to the MAIN form designer (the form that contains the ribbon)

RibbonControl1.OptionsCustomizationForm.FormIcon = CType(resources.GetObject("$this.Icon"), System.Drawing.Icon)

this will change the customization form's icon to the MAIN form's icon.

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