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Javascript Question

How do I exclude only .min.js files in gulp task, while staying in same directory?

I am trying to set up a build system for my front end work though I am running into a problem where it loops processing files over and over again. This is a problem with my js processing since I am not sure how to exclude just the files with .min as a suffix.

The task goes as follows

return gulp.src(["!dev/js/*.min.js", "dev/js/*.js"])
.pipe(uglyify({preserveComments: "license"}))
.pipe(rename({suffix: ".min"}))

Though what I have found is that it still targets the .min.js files since they are also seen as .js files. I have messed around with a few different configurations of these wildcards but I keep ending up with the task looping creating

So, how can I just process files that do not include the .min prefix?

Answer Source

You can use negated patterns to exclude .min.js files.

gulp.src(['dev/js/*.js', '!dev/js/*.min.js'])
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