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Rectangle shape with two solid colors

I'd like to create a rectangle shape with two solid colors (horizontally) to achieve something like this:

enter image description here

I heard about

, i though i could use it to contains two rectangle with a different color but it seems that it only lays shapes vertically.

Is there a way to achieve this using lalyer-list or should i use something totally different? I'd like to keep it simple with ability to change the shape colors at runtime.


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You can create custom drawable for this. Just extend Drawable class.

Here is a sample code which draws a rectangle like you wanted, you can provide any number of colors.

public class ColorBarDrawable extends Drawable {

    private int[] themeColors;

    public ColorBarDrawable(int[] themeColors) {
        this.themeColors = themeColors;

    public void draw(Canvas canvas) {

        // get drawable dimensions
        Rect bounds = getBounds();

        int width = bounds.right - bounds.left;
        int height = bounds.bottom -;

        // draw background gradient
        Paint backgroundPaint = new Paint();
        int barWidth = width / themeColors.length;
        int barWidthRemainder = width % themeColors.length;
        for (int i = 0; i < themeColors.length; i++) {
            canvas.drawRect(i * barWidth, 0, (i + 1) * barWidth, height, backgroundPaint);

        // draw remainder, if exists
        if (barWidthRemainder > 0) {
            canvas.drawRect(themeColors.length * barWidth, 0, themeColors.length * barWidth + barWidthRemainder, height, backgroundPaint);


    public void setAlpha(int alpha) {

    public void setColorFilter(ColorFilter cf) {


    public int getOpacity() {
        return PixelFormat.OPAQUE;

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