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How to Scrape Table Data (School Test Scores)?

What is an easy way to scrape tables from this website? (It's school test scores. It's public data). I need the 2011 data for each school. So, to start, I need, year: 2011, report type: report card, school group: DCPS Schools, School Level: Secondary Schools, School: (I then need the data for each school). My goal is to put the data in a mySQL database. If I can get the data into CSV format or Excel, it will be easy to import.

I tried the technique outlined here, but I'm not having any luck. In Google Docs, I tried:

=ImportHtml("", "table", 1)

Any ideas?


Thank you for the message. You're right, my question was too broad.

I ended up using Google Docs' Spreadsheet and TableTools2, a Firefox add-on.