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CSS Question

Keep background color for option when changing focus

In this example : when I select 2 and changing focus to C (anything on the right part), the background color of 2 has become grey. How to keep it red when it is not focus ?


<select class="multiselect-left" size=4>
<select class="multiselect-right" size=4>


background: #F00;


Answer Source

This is likely the result of a browser-specific style. As you can see if you use the Developer Tools (F12) within Google Chrome :

select:-internal-list-box option:checked {
    background-color: -internal-inactive-list-box-selection;
    color: -internal-inactive-list-box-selection-text;

Even if you were to add this same style using your own values, it still would not override it properly :

select:-internal-list-box option:checked {
    background-color: red!important;
    color: #FFF!important;

This is applying the style that you are seeing to the checked options within any <select> elements and it cannot really be directly overridden.

<select> elements are notoriously difficult to style in any kind of cross-browser sense. If it's something that you really need to handle, you would likely need to use a Javascript-based solution like select that would override the default <select> as a facade that uses <div> or other elements for styling purposes.

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