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Java Question

Convert string of values into an object in Java

I have a string like

. I want to retrieve those values by property name.

I tried converting it to a
by using Google Gson. But it threw an error because it is not valid

Is there way to retrieve those values by each property like

Answer Source

You may convert the String into a Map:

String str = "name=lokesh,age=25";
Map<String,String> map = new HashMap<String,String>();
for(String keyValueStr: str.split(",")){
     String[] keyValue = keyValueStr.split("=");

Then, you are free to access the values by keys

String name = map.get("name");

Or using guava's Splitter (I wouldn't add the dependency just for that):

String str = "name=lokesh,age=25";
Map<String, String> map = Splitter.on(",").withKeyValueSeparator("=").split(str);

With the following dependency:

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