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Lost messages in PUSH/PULL pattern ( Ratchet + PHP + ZeroMQ push integration )

I'm creating a chat on my website, a push notifications system, users activity widget ( updating on the fly ) etc.

My website is built on PHP, so I decided to use Ratchet as a websocket server for my tasks. I've installed all required components and I learned the guide on http://socketo.me/docs/push and started to code.

This is inside a

ChatMsg( $item ){...}
method in the
file. It creates a
socket-access-point archetype and sends a message with JSON-data to server via ZeroMQ after inserting a new item in a database:

$context = new ZMQContext();
$socket = $context->getSocket(ZMQ::SOCKET_PUSH, 'my pusher');

Next is my
, creating only one
socket access-point archetype and waiting for new messages, which will be transferred to the pusher script, broadcasting new notifications, chat messages and other events to clients.

require dirname(__DIR__) . '/vendor/autoload.php';

$loop = React\EventLoop\Factory::create();
$pusher = new MyApp\Pusher;

// Listen for the web server to make a ZeroMQ push after an ajax request
$context = new React\ZMQ\Context($loop);
$pull = $context->getSocket(ZMQ::SOCKET_PULL);
$pull->setSockOpt(ZMQ::SOCKOPT_HWM, 0);
$pull->bind('tcp://'); // Binding to means the only client that can connect is itself
$pull->on('error', function ($e) {
$f = fopen('push-server-error.log', "a");
fwrite($f, $e->getMessage()."\n");
$pull->on('message', array($pusher, 'onNewEvent'));

// Set up our WebSocket server for clients wanting real-time updates
$webSock = new React\Socket\Server($loop);
$webSock->listen(8081, ''); // Binding to means remotes can connect
$webServer = new Ratchet\Server\IoServer(
new Ratchet\Http\HttpServer(
new Ratchet\WebSocket\WsServer(
new Ratchet\Wamp\WampServer(


I successfully started the
with a monitoring tool Supervisor, I set up an NGINX proxying for WebSocket traffic, set up client side scripts ( autobahn and so on ).

In general, I was going to use it all at production. First hours I modified new chat systems on my website, I tested it and it all worked perfectly.

But I faced the problem a little bit later. Some ZeroMQ messages ( only part of them, maybe 5-10% ) are lost after sending via ZeroMQ
socket. At that, this problem appears when around 300-400 messages are sent since the moment the
process was started.

I am deeply convinced that this problem is inside the ZeroMQ ( NOT inside JS client side or Pusher script with business logic ) because I tried to modify the "
" method in the
so as to display new messages on terminal ( console ) and lost messages even does not get displayed on console, i.e. the "
" method does not catch up them.

ZeroMQ "
" method always returns an empty ZeroMQ socket object, when a message was successfully sent or LOST. I checked this simply by sending chat messages on my website and by getting responses ( form submitting realized with AJAX ):


What there can be this problem and how to solve it?

Server OS: CentOS 6.9 (Final)
PHP version: 5.6.31
ZMQ extension version: 1.1.3
libzmq version: 4.2.2

Answer Source

I created not persistent ZMQ::Context and ZMQ::Socket and my problem was solved:

$context = new ZMQContext(1, false);
$socket = $context->getSocket(ZMQ::SOCKET_PUSH);
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