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Python Question

How an iterable object is iterated without next?

I've done a research over similar questions on this subject, but didn't find a duplicate.

It is stated that an object is iterable if it implements


Return the iterator object itself. This is required to allow both containers and iterators to be used with the for and in statements.

Return the next item from the container. If there are no further items, raise the StopIteration exception.

From my understanding this applies to all iterator objects. I've encountered a code that implements a binary-tree container. The container only has
and so does the node objects resides in it.

implementation of the Node objects returns a generator. It yields objects and seems to do all the logic, without an implementation of

How this code actually works? It seems to function just as a regular iterator, but this one has no
. Ofcourse if I manually do
and then
it works. Here is the code snippet:

class BinaryCont(object):

def __init__(self):
self.root = None
self.size = 0

def __iter__(self):

class EmptyIter():
def next(self):
raise StopIteration

if self.root:
return self.root.__iter__()
return EmptyIter()

class Node(object):

def __init__(self, val, left=None, right=None):
self.val = val
self.left = left
self.right = right

def __iter__(self):
if self.has_left_child():
for child in self.left:
yield child

yield self.val

if self.has_right_child():
for child in self.right:
yield child

An example of running code

bt = BinaryCont()
for node in bt:
print node


it = iter(bt)
<type 'generator'>

Answer Source

Your __iter__ method is a generator function, because it uses yield in the function body. A generator function, when called, returns a generator object. It is that object that has a __next__ method.

Your Node is not an iterator itself. It is merely an iterable object; an iterable object returns a new iterator instance when you call it's __iter__ method, which is what happens here.

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