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Linux Question

Can't launch sonar 2.8 (permission denied to execute wrapper )

I'm new to Sonar, and i was trying to install Sonar 2.8 on my server (Linux 64 on HP-UX)

When i tried to launch it ( start) i got the following message

[myHomeDirectory]/sonar/2.8/bin/linux-x86-64/./wrapper: Execute permission denied.

what drives me crazy is that i've putthe whole package on 777 permissions, so i really don't understand what's exactly happening.

Can anyone help with this please ?

Thanks in advance !

mab mab
Answer Source

I finally came out with the conclusion that the binary file (wrapper) is simply not compiled to run under HP-UX

when launching a file command on wrapper under a Linux i get : <ELF-64 executable object file> which doesn't match the <ELF-64 executable object file - IA64> required by HP-UX running on a Itanium processor

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