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Console Output in pipeline:Jenkins

I have created a complex pipeline. In each stage I have called a job. I want to see the console output for each job in a stage in Jenkins. How to get it?

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The object returned from a build step can be used to query the log like this:

pipeline {
    agent any

    stages {
        stage('test') {
            steps {

                echo 'Building anotherJob and getting the log'

                script {
                    def bRun = build 'anotherJob' 
                    echo 'last 100 lines of BuildB'
                    for(String line : bRun.getRawBuild().getLog(100)){
                        echo line

The object returned from the build step is a RunWrapper class object. The getRawBuild() call is returning a Run object - there may be other options than reading the log line-by-line from the looks of this class. For this to work you need to either disable the pipeline sandbox or get script approvals for these methods:

method hudson.model.Run getLog int
method getRawBuild

If you are doing this for many builds, it would be worth putting some code in a pipeline shared library to do what you need or define a function in the pipeline.

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