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HTML Question

HTML tag to prevent HTML tags to be executed?

Basic question which I thought of asking on Superuser, but it is a programming question I think. I just started learning HTML, so please bear with me.

How can I prevent a program from interpreting an HTML tag / syntax? For example, I want to write a flash card like this:

The html code for

I would like a solution that would work for any or most syntax, not just for

How can I enter the syntax (without any space) to make sure the code isn't interpreted?

Answer Source

You are going to have to do it manually.

Here you have the full encoding table. The most commonly used codes are:

Character  Entity Number  Entity Name  Description
"          &#34;          &quot;       quotation mark
'          &#39;          &apos;       apostrophe (does not work in IE)
&          &#38;          &amp;        ampersand
<          &#60;          &lt;         less-than
>          &#62;          &gt;         greater-than
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