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iOS Question

Passbook Update Notification Message

I have a small problem with the notification message shown on the device when the pass is updated. I want the message to be what I set in the

in one of the Pass Structure Dictionary Keys. Instead what is displayed is what I am assuming to be the default change message which is "Coupon changed". I have
key in the
key. I have set the value of that key to some text of my own (which does not include
as said in the description of key here).

Due to the requirements I am working on, I cannot use
there, as it will just replace it with the whole value against the
key. So any way to accomplish this yet still ?

Answer Source

Unless %@ is present in the message, you will only ever see the generic message "Coupon Changed" that you have described.

If you do not want the field value to show then you can include the message you want then pad with spaces before ending in %@. The spaces will ensure that the value is not shown on the lock screen and should help achieve your goal.

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