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Moq + Unit Testing - System.Reflection.TargetParameterCountException: Parameter count mismatch

I'm tring to use a lambda with a multiple-params function but Moq throws this exception at runtime when I attempt to call the

mock.Object.Convert(value, null, null, null);

System.Reflection.TargetParameterCountException: Parameter count mismatch

The code is:

var mock = new Mock<IValueConverter>();

mock.Setup(conv => conv.Convert(It.IsAny<Object>(), It.IsAny<Type>(),
It.IsAny<Object>(), It.IsAny<CultureInfo>())).Returns((Int32 num) => num + 5);

var value = 5;
var expected = 10;
var actual = mock.Object.Convert(value, null, null, null);

What is the proper way to implement it?

Answer Source

It's your Returns clause. You have a 4 parameter method that you're setting up, but you're only using a 1 parameter lambda. I ran the following without issue:

    public void IValueConverter()
        var myStub = new Mock<IValueConverter>();
        myStub.Setup(conv => conv.Convert(It.IsAny<object>(), It.IsAny<Type>(), It.IsAny<object>(), It.IsAny<CultureInfo>())).
            Returns((object one, Type two, object three, CultureInfo four) => (int)one + 5);

        var value = 5;
        var expected = 10;

        var actual = myStub.Object.Convert(value, null, null, null);

        Assert.AreEqual<int>(expected, (int) actual);

No exceptions, test passed.

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