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C# Question

Unable to resolve dependency 'JSON.NET'

I am trying to install the package Twilio.Client on my machine for an upcoming project, but I keep getting the following error:

Unable to resolve dependency 'JSON.NET'

I also tried using the PM Console but got the same dependency error. Where do I need to be looking to manually resolve this dependency? I checked the packages.config file and there aren't any json packages. I tried installing from nuGet but that didn't work either. I'm pretty much at a loss here. I would really like to use this library. Thank you all.

Answer Source

Seems like something wrong with the latest version. 3.5.1 works as of now. You can use this to install and use the Twilio client library.

Use this in the PM console: Install-Package Twilio.Client -Version 3.5.1

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