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Javascript Question

Getting value from mdl radio button

In the following code why doesn't the radio report the correct value when checked via its variable name?

var $myRadio = $('input[type=radio][name=options]:checked');

$('#button').click(() => {
// this works
// this doesn't :(

I am using mdl radio buttons so that could be causing it. I have also tried getting the value with
but that doesn't work either.


The reason for getting incorrect values when checked via its variable name is because you are setting $myRadio before the click event. $myRadio is set on document ready (before click event) and it gets the value of the checked radio option which at this moment is always 1.

Moving $myRadio inside a click handler should work. Why? Because now it gets the value of the radio (checked) as soon as the click function is called which is actually what you need.

$('#button').click(() => {
  var $myRadio = $('[id^="option"]:checked');
  // neither of these work


fiddle here